Lovey Dovey Quilt

After the last quilt top I made, I decided it was time to work with a lot of color…I must have more of my mom in me than I thought 🙂  I had several fabric selections to choose from, but I picked the Lovey Dovey layer cake (by Doodlebug Designs for Riley Blake Designs) I purchased from The Fat Quarter Shop during her 12 Days of Christmas sale (*as of 1/23/14 she is out of the layer cakes).  This fabric has birds in it, which means it goes to the top of my list anyway!

Lovey Dove Layer Cake

I decided to use a pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew – the Easy Bake Pattern.  I love her patterns and blog – you should check out her Christmas quilt from this past Christmas using her Bizzy Kid Pattern.  I have purchased that pattern and plan to make the boys a Christmas quilt this year!

Back to the quilt – once I selected the fabrics I wanted from the layer cake, I decided I wanted to add some more of the turquoise color in with my choices from the Lovey Dovey collection.  This pattern goes together so easily – making this quilt top was very relaxing!

Chain Piecing Lovey Dovey Quilt Lovey Dovey Quilt Layout

Once the top was together, I had to decide on the border colors.  Surprisingly, my husband weighed in to help me choose.  This is funny, because while we were dating my best friend and I were scrapbooking and debating on which shade of tan to use – to which he told us there wasn’t a difference… but there was – something that happens when two ‘perfectionists’ are working on craft projects together! 🙂  Back to the borders – I went with a small white border and then a larger pink border…I do love pink!

Lovey Dovey finished quilt top Close up of Lovey Dovey

Now, I am on to two new projects: Everything Baby Blankets for Hand of Hope and Zippered Pouches (my first attempt with the zipper foot – wish me luck – Mom’s advice was to watch my fingers…)


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